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This Statement of Privacy applies to the confidentiality of personal data collected in the registration process Customer Website or in the process of registration by the recipient information on the products and operations (newsletter) Website

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the General Terms

Master media d.o.o. as a provider of Web pages comply with the applicable regulations in order to protect the privacy of its customers or users, and especially the General Regulation on the protection of personal data of EU. This document describes how to head processing Master media doo, Processes personal data.

Customers are sent to Internet sites (Hereinafter Customers) or users recipients of information on products and operations users) to read all of the above on this page in order to help understand what data Master media d.o.o. collects and processes, for what purpose, according to which the legal basis, who you are and why shares, which protective measures implemented, and your rights in relation to access to personal data, correction, deletion and your right to object.

Each customer or user who has any questions regarding personal information can send an e-mail message to the address

By accepting this Privacy Statement by clicking the registration of the Buyer or by logging on the website by Customer recipient information on products and operations , The customer or the user confirms that decides, understand and agree with the processing of personal data to them this declaration establishes.

Master media d.o.o. and the person responsible for maintenance of this website, as well as directors, officials and representatives Master media Ltd., consider that all information contained on this website is accurate. However, there is no warranty for the accuracy or reliability of the information and Master media d.o.o. does not acknowledge any responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage which is suffered recipient relying on anything stated or omitted from the Website

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The whole content available on the Web site Master media d.o.o. ( Is protected by copyright. In addition to the permitted use, Master media d.o.o. visitors website gives approval to take over and exposing copyrighted material for private purposes. For reproduction or use of copyrighted material outside such purposes, it is necessary to ask for permission directly from Master media Ltd.. If permission is granted, it must be subject to the requirement that the name of the copyright owner and his interest in the material are listed in the reproduction or citing materials, of part or whole.

What type of personal information collected and processed Master media d.o.o. via the website ?
When registering a person for the Customer The website, Master media d.o.o. will the future buyer to provide certain information about yourself (personal data), such as:

name and surname
address (including ZIP code)
E-mail address
phone number
username and password
information about products and services that you have purchased
Your IP address
your location
Your browser
When the company Master media d.o.o. communicate as a business user, suppliers or business partners, we may collect the following information:

Your name
Your email address
Your telephone number
Your image
Your IP Address
Your business address
Name and address of the company you work
[Personal details that could be relevant to the business relationship, eg., your hobbies, times)
The buyer has the right to register their e-mail address of the recipient by notice of products and operations The website. Upon registration by, will send an email with the information to confirm the application itself in order to reduce any possibility of abuse and login via third parties. When registering the customer for by the recipient information on the products and operations The website, Master media d.o.o. can the future by request:

e-mail adresu
Your name
Giving personal data is a decision by the Purchaser or. If the buyer or the user does not provide the required information for a particular activity that requires, will not be allowed to engage in that activity, because without these data activity will not be technically feasible.

In addition to these data automatically collect information from your computer, which may include the IP address, and there are situations in which automatic collect other types of data such as date and time of access to the Internet page, hardware information, software or Internet browser you are using and on the operating system of your computer and version of the application and your language settings.

We may also collect information about clicks and pages that are shown to you. Customers recommended that care about their input passwords for account website We recommend when choosing a combination of characters for a password certainly combine uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, and to be sure to use a password of at least six characters. Recommend change password periodically (at least annually).

Social networks
If you are a member of various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn itd., you should be familiar with the tools that provide these Web sites that allow you to select the sharing of personal information on social networking profiles.

The company Master media d.o.o. undertake practices or privacy policies of those third parties, as well as their own internal rules for social networks and the privacy policy, However, we recommend that you read the applicable privacy notices, conditions of use and similar information on how your personal information is used on these social networks.

furthermore, depending on the selection related to items on various Web sites of social networks, – and / or in combination with your settings on the website of the company Master media Ltd.), certain personal information may be shared with the company Master media Ltd., for example information about your online activities, social networking profiles (e.g.. interest, marital status, spol, User name, photography, comments and content you post / share etc.)..

For what purpose collect and process personal data? collects and processes personal data Customer Website in order to implement secure authentication Customers who access the website, implementation agreements to purchase goods or services, delivery of goods to Buyer, communication with customers, of any legal proceedings related to the implementation of the contract, this part apply and automated processes for processing in order to continuously improve its processes in the interests of customers, in order to offer the customers were more individual and to its offer of products and services as more adapted to the habits and needs of customers. collects and processes personal data by the recipient information on the products and operations for the purpose of notification, invited to participate in contests via e-mail, social networks or other communication channels to which you have previously reported, of any legal proceedings related to the implementation of the contract, to create a user profile with a view to the individual receiving the notification, market research and improve the efficiency and quality of our services.

We do not collect information about children. Convince you that such data are transferred to us without the consent of parents or guardians of children under 16 year, we will remove them immediately. Minors under the age of 16 years should not use The website. No part of the Website is not designed in a way to attract anyone who is younger than 16 year.

What is the legal basis for the processing of personal data?
The customer entering their personal data and confirmation (click) on the acceptance of the General Terms and this Privacy Statement entered into a contractual relationship which is the basis for the purchase of products and services chosen by the customer on the website, and which is contained in the General Terms and Conditions and therefore the processing of such personal data is lawful because the actions undertaken at the request of the Purchaser in order to implement the purchase of products and services to customer specification.
A user who logs in to receive information on products and operations by entering their data on the website and double confirming correctness mail address, gives consent for the processing of their personal data. Consent of the user can withdraw at any time by notice in the mail address officials Personal Data Protection

Which recipients share personal information? will not share personal information of the Buyer or by the other parties except as described in the next section and in a situation where the positive regulations require. will when it requires the realization of the contract for the purchase of products or services per customer Customer share personal information with the Customer:

Providers of distribution of goods with which it has a permanent contract and for the purpose of fulfilling orders, package delivery, send postal and e-mail inbox. The service provider distribution can of Customer request to review his identity card at the time of delivery of the package when personal collection of goods, all for the purpose of realization of service delivery package and records of who has taken the package. If the buyer refuses to provide these data, package it will not be handed over
Service providers authorized service center in the event that the Buyer files an appeal, advertises the product and the required review of the product or service requested service product that is bought with the purpose of realization of repair, servicing or inspection of the product by the authorized service
The seller of the product in the present process of purchasing when Master media d.o.o. authorized trade representative in in which case the seller who issues an invoice and delivers the goods must have information on the registered customers on page. In this case, the seller shall be forwarded to the personal data of the Buyer, as follows: name, last name, Address
The period in which the personal data to be stored stores personal data of registered Customers Website period while the purpose of the treatment is realized, and that is the period until the moment when the active registration and six months after the termination of the registration of the Buyer in which period will be settled any complaint from the previous period. stores personal data registered by the recipient information on the products and operations for a period until realized the purpose of processing and that is the period until the moment when the active registration.

Access and correction of personal data
Customer and the Customer at any time has the ability to access their personal information for registration page and access to the “My Account” where customer can revise their personal information is shared with The buyer and the user can request and obtain from complete information on the personal data stored, as well as the correction of the same by sending an e-mail to address officials for the protection of personal data:

Deleting personal data (right to oblivion)
Customer and the Customer has the right at any time to request deletion of personal data (right to oblivion). Buyer may do so at the request mail address officials Personal Data Protection and data will be deleted without delay. The user has the option of applying for registration in any notification received by the by e-mail or can send an email message to the email address officials Personal Data Protection stating that his personal data deleted.

Pravo na prigovor
If, despite the measures taken to protect the personal data you believe that you have grounds for complaint, report to address officials Personal Data Protection . Of course you have the right to report to the supervisory authority, the Agency for Protection of Personal Data.

Safety measures to protect personal data
The collected data are in electronic form and secure SSL certificate that encrypts data and also ensures that the communication between the computer and the Customer or the User place a secure protocol. data protection taken seriously and take numerous precautions to personal data were protected. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet, or any wireless network can not be 100% secure. Consequently, although implemented reasonable safeguards to protect the data can not guarantee the protection of any information transmitted to or from the Website and is not responsible for the actions of any third parties that receive such information. may decide to store personal data with service providers in the EU but only exceptionally outside the EU. It will only do so if in the country there is a decision of the European Commission on the appropriateness and if contracted guarantee and observance of binding rules on personal data protection.

Changing the privacy statements
This Statement of Privacy, can change at any time by posting the revised policy on website. therefore, invites customers and users to periodically review this Privacy Statement which will be marked with new changes, if it has previously been. If the customer or the user does not agree with this Privacy Policy, refer customers and users to leave and do not approach and do not use the Website Changing the privacy statements shall enter into force immediately after its publication on the website Continued use of the Website by you and by the entry into force of amendments, implies that Customer and Customer acknowledges and accepts the revised Statement of Privacy.

The rules on the treatment of “cookies”
Cookies and other tracking technologies can be used to Web site in different ways eg. to Website functioned, for traffic analysis and marketing purposes.
Cookies (eng. Cookie) is the fact that the small size of web pages stored in your computer or mobile device visitors. The cookie allows the website to “remember” the campaign of visitors from previous visits. Most browsers allow the use of cookies, but the user may at any time or delete the browser to set the ban on the storage of the same. The most common reasons for using cookies are: identification of visitors, remember the specific preferences of the user, assistance with entering information already entered during previous visits, data collection for analysis and promotional campaign.
Cookies can be classified as:
Temporary cookies (Session cookies) – are stored on your computer , and are automatically deleted after closing the web browser. Allow boarding page to gain temporary data, such as comments or condition shopping carts.

Permanent cookies (persistent cookies) – Remain in your web browser and after closing and usually have a deadline expiry. uses persistent cookies in order to facilitate access for registered users. Store information such as user name and password, which allows you to use the functionality of “remember me” when registering, so you do not need to enter your username and password every time you visit
First-party cookies – they come from a website you visited, and can be temporary or permanent. Allow sites to save your data to be used when the person visits the website. Cookies from third parties – there are several external services that the user stored capped cookies (Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics i AdWords).
These cookies are not placed by the, and most often used as an aid in the interpretation of user behavior and marketing purposes.
What are the options available to you?
In your browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safary, Firefox or Crome, you can specify which cookies to accept and which to refuse troops. The place where you can find the settings depends on the type of your browser. Through the “help” in your browser settings that you need to find.
If you choose not to accept certain cookies, you may not be able to use certain functions on website.



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